11 Apr 2010


I Ballet MIRAGE (piano score, symphony orchestra score, live solo-piano recordings)

00 Introduction
01 Prologue. Teenagers' meeting
02 The dance of the first couple
03 The dance of the second couple
04 Leari appears and scene
05 Final of the prologue
06 Introduction Act 1 Scene 1
07 Hot-Dry-Wind's variation
08 Leari's meditations
09 Krutsefer appears & The teenagers' delusion
10 Introduction & The entrance
11 Pas de deux. Krutsefer and Sofora. Adagio
11_1 Pas de deux Krutsefer's variation
11_2 Pas de deux Sofora's variation
11_3 Pas de deux Coda
12 Dance scene at a ball (Timus and Viola, Erizi and Lilia)
12_1 Dance scene at a ball. Pas de action. Mario and Florina
12_2 Dance scene at a ball. Pas de action. Scene
12_3 Dance scene at a ball. Pas de action. Coda
13 Entr'acte Leari is in desert
14 Leari and Hot-Dry-Wind are meeting
15 The refuges, Hot-Dry-Wind, Krutsefer appears, scene of agreement
16 Krutsefer is a rage
17 The Cup of the universe
18 Introduction
19_ 01 Festival in the village
19_ 02 Festival in the village
20_ Pas de six (Adagio of threes' couples) Introduction
21 The entrance and ragtime
22_01 Pas de deux Leari and Sofora Introduction and adagio
22_02 Pas de deux Leari's variation
22_03 Pas de deux Sofora's variation
23 Apotheosis

II Ballet RUSSIAN FORTRESS on the themes of D.D.Shostakovich’symphonies
(used only Shostakovich’ music)


III Children musical WHITE MOUSE STORY:

#01 Introduction
#02 White Mouse song
#03 Antract I
#04 Cat song
#05 The cat attack
#06 Penta song
#07 Antract II
#08 Old Rat song
#09 Moles song
#10 Antract III
#11 White Mouse complain
#12 Antract IV
#13 Mother song
#15 Story about Aibolit
#16 Doctor song
#17 Dream world

IV Children musical BRAVE PERSEY (score is lost)


In the morning
Russian lullaby
Savannah girl

VI Symphony music


Smeardiakov’s song
Finale and epilogue

Jewish Rhapsody for symphony orchestra

VII Chamber music

The First Quartet for strings
The Second Quartet for strings
The Third Quartet for strings
The Fourth Quartet for strings (CHOPIN)
The Fifth Quartet for strings
Five pieces for piano-solo
American Rhapsody for piano-solo
Five Pieces for Wood Wind Quintet
Four Fragments from Liturgy for clarinet quartet
Sonatina-Piccola for clarinet-solo
Sonatina-Piccola for two bassoons
Sonata for viola-solo (score is lost)
Sonata for violin-solo (score is lost)
Chamber concert for piano, viola and 11 wind instruments (score is lost)

VIII Choir music

Three Songs For Children Choir (Suite for children choir a cappella, Russian and English lyric)
Let God rise again (for mixed choir)

IX Songs


Love, Good-bye (score, live recorded, in Russian)
The song of friends
Flowers at February
Camping trip
Still waters (lyric by F.G.Lorka)
The hills of Georgia (lyric by A.S.Pushkin)

Recorded songs (electronic)

No man alive
Rocked in security
Never say die
Ann’s melancholy
Christmas song for Maria
Shed tear (lyric by J.Brodsky)
Silly atmosphere
Sometime somewhere

X A.Troitsky’s transcriptions for string orchestra:

E.Grieg Ich liebe dich
A .Berg Four pieces (1913)
Ochi Chernie/Eyes Black (Gypsy Song)
M .Mussorgsky Pictures at an Exhibition
J.S.Bach Toccata and Fuga d-moll
J.S.Bach Toccata d-moll (A.Troitsky’s transcription for string orchestra)
J.Brahms Allegro amabile from Sonata op. 120

XI A.Troitsky’s transcriptions for symphony orchestra

J.S.Bach Preludium & Fuga XVI (from second book)

XII A.Troitsky’s compositions and transcriptions on the themes and pieces of Y.Datshkovsky, for full symphony and string orchestra(full scores, live recordings by A.Troitsky as conductor):

Bosquejos de un Domingo

I Introduction e danza mexicana
II Triesta
III Danza mexicana
IV Nino rico con nano
IX Ensamiento
V Danza mexicana
VI Tres bagatelas I Enojo
VI Tres bagatelas II Lento
VI Tres bagatelles III Galop
VII Meditation
VIII Miedo
X Marcha insierta
XI Mi tren
XII Cancion de cuna de Alexandra
XIII Toegos de ninos
XIV Reminicention
XV Fin de fiesta

Caribbean Suite

I Introduction
II Danzon
III Voyage
IV Old fisherman
V Merengue
VI Veracrus
VII Merengue
VIII Andante
IX Calipso
X Habanera
XI Introduction e danzon
XII Beautiful island
XIII Introduction a finale

Mexican Capriccio
Dramatic Poem
Symphonic Dithyrambs
Waltz Lyrico
Waltz Mexico



Richard "Larencio" Matthis
29 Dec 2010
I've thoroughly enjoyed looking through your music! Keep up the excellent work, Arkadi!



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