07 Mar 2011

Finales of Chopin

Frederic Chopin was a great master of finales.

He managed to create them always with the same skill in all genres: whether they were finales of sonatas or codas of ballads or conclusions in mazurkas. Their semantic content is simply amazing. This is not surprising because in such a way the great master builds his own form: over and over again increasing the height of its construction, and along with it - the tension caused by the force of gravity… Quite naturally, in the finales of Chopin occurs such something that occurs usually in wildlife during thunderstorm and after it. In that case, the finale of "First Ballad" (more than 50 measures) does not differ with nothing from genial in its mastership conclusion of mazurka h-moll (8 measures). But the nature of thinking of this Giant was such: forcing your heart to flutter for the space of the whole work he wants to tear it into pieces in the final… And the conclusion in his cis-moll mazurka is surely unprecedented in its depth.

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